OSVVM Webinar (June 25th) and Classes

Webinar OSVVM for VHDL Testbenches. Thursday June 25, 2015
Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM) is a comprehensive, advanced VHDL verification methodology. Like UVM, OSVVM is a library of free, open-source code (packages). OSVVM uses this library to implement functional coverage, constrained random tests, and Intelligent Coverage random tests with a conciseness, simplicity and capability that rivals other verification languages.

In 2015, OSVVM added comprehensive error and message reporting (January, 2015.01) and memory modeling (June, 2015.06). With this expanded capability, this presentation
takes a look at the big picture methodology progressing transactions to randomization to functional coverage to intelligent coverage to alerts (error reporting) and logs (message reporting) to memory modeling.

Worried about keeping up with the latest trends in verification? With Intelligent Coverage, OSVVM has a portable, VHDL-based, intelligent testbench solution built into the library. While Accellera is still working on their Intelligent testbench based portable stimulus solution (in the Portable Stimulus Working Group -PSWG), for OSVVM it is already here. Best of all, OSVVM is free and works in any VHDL simulator that support a minimal amount of VHDL-2008.

Europe Session 3-4 pm CEST 6-7 am PDT 9-10 am EDT Enroll with Aldec
US Session 10-11 am PDT 1-2 pm EDT 7-8 pm CEST Enroll with Aldec

OSVVM World Tour Dates
VHDL Testbenches and Verification – OSVVM+ Boot Camp
Learn the latest VHDL verification techniques including transaction level modeling (tlm), self-checking, scoreboards, memory modeling, functional coverage, directed, algorithmic, constrained random, and intelligent testbench test generation. Create a VHDL testbench environment that is competitive with other verification languages, such as SystemVerilog or ‘e’. Our techniques work on VHDL simulators without additional licenses and are accessible to RTL engineers.

July 20-24 and August 3-7 online class Enroll with SynthWorks
September 14-18 Bracknell, UK Enroll with FirstEDA
September 21-25 and October 5-9 online class Enroll with SynthWorks
October 26-30 Portland, OR (Tigard/Tualatin) Enroll with SynthWorks
November 9-13 Copenhagen, Denmark Enroll with FirstEDA
November 16-20 and November 30 – December 4 online class Enroll with SynthWorks

Presented by:
Jim Lewis, SynthWorks VHDL Training Expert, IEEE 1076 Working Group Chair, and OSVVM Chief Architect