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Comprehensive VHDL Intro
(4 Days)

Adv VHDL Testbenches & Verification
(5 Days)

VHDL Synthesis (4 Days)

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Comprehensive VHDL Introduction
Basic Level. 4 Days: 50% Lecture, 50% Labs

Course Overview
An in-depth introduction to VHDL and its application to design and verification of digital hardware (FPGAs and ASIC).   Provides a foundation in RTL and testbench coding styles needed by design and verification engineers who are new to VHDL.   Class comes with your choice of an Altera or Xilinx FPGA board to make sure you understand the whole process from simulation to chip.  

Through a series of lectures, exercises, and labs, students will gain a strong foundation in VHDL RTL and testbench coding techniques. Lectures contain numerous examples that show both syntax and coding style guidelines. Exercises provide immediate reinforcement of lecture materials. Labs give students hands-on experience writing RTL code, writing testbenches, running your simulator, running your synthesis tool, and programming the FPGA board.

The comprehensive lecture guide provides an excellent after-class reference. Syntax and code that is not synthesizable is specifically noted. Labs account for approximately 50% of class time. Lab projects range from simple simulation and synthesis coding problems to small design projects. The design projects utilize all techniques learned in lecture and demonstrate how VHDL is used in a project environment.

Get VHDL hardware experience with our FPGA based lab board.

Intended Audience
Recommended as a first course in VHDL for design and verification engineers who need an in-depth understanding of VHDL and a solid foundation in RTL and testbench coding techniques.

None. Offered as a first course in VHDL. It is recommended that students are familiar with digital design.

Available Class Formats
This class is available online, at public venues, or on-site (at your location).

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand VHDL syntax and coding styles relevant to logic design
  • Write VHDL RTL hardware designs using good coding practices
  • Understand the synthesizable subset of VHDL
  • Understand problematic issues in coding hardware
  • Use types, overloading, and conversion functions from standard VHDL packages (std_logic_1164 and numeric_std)
  • Print messages in testbenches using TEXTIO
  • Write simple transaction-based testbenches using subprograms
  • Use your VHDL simulation and synthesis tools

Course Outline
      Day 1
A Quick Introduction
Lab 1: Simple RTL and Testbench
Data Types
Concurrent Statements
Sequential Statements
Lab 2: Clock and Reset
Lab 3: RTL and Testbench

      Day 3
Testbench Essentials
Lab 7: Brute Force Testbenches
Testbenches and Timing
Lab 8: Transaction-based Testbenches and TextIO
Lab 9: Synthesis and Programming an FPGA

      Day 2
RTL Essentials
Statemachine Coding Techniques
Lab4: RTL Code
Data Objects
Designing with VHDL
Lab 5: Coding an FSM
Lab 6: Creating Hierarchy

      Day 4
Numeric Types and Packages
RTL Code
VHDL Design Methodology
Lab 10: UART Transmit Data Path
Lab 11: UART Transmit Statemachine
Lab 12: Multiplier Accumulator

Take Home Labs
Digital Clock

Follow-On Courses
Students wishing to go beyond what they learned in this course should take either or both of the following courses: Customization
All of SynthWorks' courses are modular and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Training Approach
This hands-on, how-to course is taught by experienced hardware designers using a computer driven projector. We prefer and encourage student and instructor interaction. Questions are welcome. Bring problematic code.

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