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SynthWorks' Links to VHDL Standards

Participating in VHDL Standards
Participation is open to senior members of VHDL's community. These organizations are run by volunteers. If you ever wonder why some new feature does not get added, it may be because you are not participating.

IEEE 1076 VHDL Analysis and Standardization Group (VASG)
VASG is responsible for maintaining and extending the VHDL standard (IEEE 1076). Follow the TWIKI link for working group meetings and participation information. Work on IEEE packages that was previously done by separate groups is now done by VASG.

Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM)
At its lowest level, OSVVM is a set of VHDL packages that simplify implementation of functional coverage and randomization. OSVVM uses these packages to create an coverage driven randomization (Intelligent Coverage) verification methodology that is a step ahead of other verification methodologies, such as SystemVerilog’s UVM.

SynthWorks' OSVVM Blog

EDA Standards Sponsors and Links


EDA Vendors and Standards

One thing engineers forget is that EDA companies are a business.  As a business, they are obligated to do things that will make them money.  They are willing to implement features for which users are willing to pay.  Hence, for standards to be supported, users need to ask their vendors to support the standard. 

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